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Supported by Management and
Committee on tourism development
of St. Petersburg
Partnership program

Russian national Online-service in booking hotels and tours, Matrenka.Travel is offering you a partnership program. You can earn money on booking the hotels with us, by getting 50% of the profit from booking sales.

How does it work?

You place a search form or a referral link on your website. The user finds the option he needs and books it. You get your commission of 50% of our profit from the completed booking sale.

Who can become our partner?

How are sales counted?

To count sales we use partnership identifications and cookies. We save user’s cookies within the 90 day period. This means, that if the user didn’t complete the purchase right away, but within the 90 day period since he transitioned from your website to ours, we count the sale and you get the commission.

Important moment: if the user searches for hotels during the 90 day period, then with each search we extend his cookies for 90 more days. This way, the time frame for keeping a cookie in our partnership program can be eternal.

How to view sales statistics?

You can view the statistics sales of your visitors in an online regime, in the personal cabinet for partners. You will have an opportunity to analyze the number of searches, bookings, and sales. By improving your website and concentrating on more profitable sources of traffic, you will be able to see, how increases your income.

To discuss the partnership with us, please call the telephone number: +7 (800) 222-64-78 or write to our email: